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Weight Loss Therapist is the weight loss hypnosis homepage for Steve Gardiner and Cheryl Else, both certified life coaches, Clinical hypnotists, and NLP practitioners. Here, they blog about weight loss and explain their services. You can meet with Cheryl or Steve over ZOOM or at their office in Capalaba, QLD.

Cheryl Else

Weightloss Therapist –  TRTP Trauma Therapist   –  Life Coach

Cheryl Else - TRTP Therapist; HypnotherapistCheryl has been working in the Health ND weight loss industry since 2010.  One of her biggest frustrations was assisting clients to reduce their weight, only to find in 6 months they had bounced back bigger, heavier and more despondent.    This led to over a decade researching on why this happens.  What she found out will surprise you, as it made Cheryl even more passionate.

Cheryl has a background in many diverse industries, but it was in conversations with health clients that noticed an ever-growing number of people suffering from anxiety and depression, all searching for a solution. Cheryl noticed many of these highly anxious or stressed people, also had an issue with being overweight or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, or smoking, drugging or gambling.

Transformations Weightloss program was the ideal process so Cheryl joined Transformations Coaching in 2022.

Cheryl uses the unique TRTP trauma therapy (The Richards Trauma Process) to help anyone who is willing to “give it everything they’ve got” to change their Unconscious Core Beliefs to the positive. TRTP safely assists people in rapidly changing their lives to become the person they always wanted to be, but thought was out of their reach.
Specialising in one-on-one consultations, (face-to-face or ZOOM)

Steve Gardiner

Steve Gardiner is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, TRTP® – TRTP Trauma Therapy Senior Mentor and Practitioner;  NLP Practitioner and Demartini Method® facilitator.Stephen Gardiner - TRTP Trauma Therapy Specialist and Trainer

Steve specializes in assisting clients to overcome stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD.   Psychotherapy has proven that approx. 80% of weight gain is due to stress or long-term anxiety created by unresolved trauma from the past.

Steve is passionate about helping people to overcome their unresolved emotional events and achieve that Perfect Weight that appears to be so elusive.   Transformations My Perfect Image program has been designed to do this quickly and easily.  You can get started with a few weekly sessions.

In addition, Steve facilitates the workshops that are held by Transformations as making a positive difference is high on Steve’s values, and coaching and hypnotherapy are what he loves to do. “There is nothing better than removing a block and allowing a person to move forward in their life,” says Steve.

Steve has been studying personal development and coaching for the past ten years and brings a lot of wisdom and experience to Transformations Coaching & Hypnotherapy.