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Try Hypnosis for Weight Control

 Tired of yo yo dieting, boring shakes or taking expensive pills, potions and supplements?

Every addictive behaviour comes down ’emotional baggage’!  And it is baggage, you don’t even know that you are carrying!  No one ever decided to be overweight, with the exception of some highly paid movie stars who were paid thousands of $$$ to do so!  Being fat is not your normal state!  It isn’t a choice you made but it is a choice not to do something about.

The ‘WHY’ you are over eating is locked deep in your unconscious mind, along with all your other habits, beliefs and memories.  Hypnosis is the key to ‘unlock’ the mind and change the beliefs you have about yourself, your eating and your identity, once and for all.  Change Your Habits, Change your Mind….  Change Your Shape!

Hypnotherapy can also be very useful for reprogramming your self-esteem, your confidence and your motivation.  Your therapist is able to reprogram how you actually think about yourself and your self identity,  by using the power of your own imagination coupled with the power of hypnosis.  We record some amazing results with ou

r clients as they wake up to the new possibilities.

When you no keep your energy and power locked up in obsessing about food and your weight you will have plenty of time to live life fully.

In our Weight Loss Program we address:

1.  Emotional Triggers and habits

2.  Past Emotional baggage – stress, anxieties and depression

3.  Over eating – Portion control, eating habits, triggers

4.  Healthy food – Lifestyle changes

5.  Exercise, portions, etc

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