Hypnosis is the Neuroscience that will enable you to learn how to Shed Fat (And Keep it Off) 

Over the last 10 years, there has been a literal revolution in Mind Body Research. Techniques like hypnosis, meditation, and other modalities have been verified by a new technology called Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Because of this, researchers can now actually “see” these techniques working in the brain. Based on this our researchers have created a hypnotic Gastric Banding program called My Perfect Image that is based on all the latest advancements in weight loss research…

And, unlike other weight loss program available in the marketplace, over 8 out of 10 people who have completed the program were satisfied with their results.

The Five Reasons Why Diets Fail, and How You Can Lose Weight For Life


According to research neuroscientists  at the University of QU Brisbane, a big problem is stress. Dieting creates stress in our lives. This leads to chronically elevated levels of cortisol that cause increased appetite and weight gain.

The result is uncontrollable binging, making long term weight loss impossible. If you have ever cheated on a diet you know what I mean!

In short, according to Weight loss Scientists, “Dieting is tough because your brain is working against you.”


In case you were not aware it is calorie deprivation that causes cravings. You are following your new calorie reduced menu, everything is going well, then one day you just can’t seem to control yourself and eat everything in the fridge AND the pantry.

In 2011, researchers discovered one of the reasons. In response to a low calorie diet, your body begins to believe it is being starved and then your brain cells actually release “feed me” signals, which drive hunger, slow metabolism, and causes uncontrollable cravings.


The research is clear that eating anything too close to bedtime will result in excess fat storage. This is because you aren’t using these calories, and it causes hormonal issues that get in the way of fat burning and sleeping soundly.

However, weight loss researchers have found that most people trying to lose weight find it almost impossible not to snack on fattening foods after dinner. If you want to lose fat, you must not eat after 8pm at night.  You must stop the “Supper Snacks” difficult – yes but it is possible.


A big problem in today’s society is that our meal portions are simply too big.

As a society we have been conditioned to eat bigger and bigger portions.  Now we find a normal portion just doesn’t satisfy us and when try to eat less we leave the table feeling hungry.  So we eat more and then find we have eaten too much. Over eating is the fastest way to gain weight.

The reality is to permanently lose fat, it is essential to re-condition yourself to eat smaller, healthier meals more often.


We have all experienced overeating due to fluctuating emotions. This is completely normal. We tend to overeat when we are bored, lonely, feeling sad, overexcited, or just feeling down.

Understanding your emotions and being able to control your emotional eating is absolutely essential to long term weight loss success… and there is a surprisingly easy and effective way to do exactly that.

ALL FIVE REASONS THAT MAKE LOSING WEIGHT FOR LIFE so hard can be overcome and actually it is not that hard.  One just needs a little Neuroscience to help.

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