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How Stress Makes you Fat

Eating when Stressed?

You know the feeling: It’s 5pm. You’re eons away from finishing a project at work, but you promised a friend you’d be at her birthday drinks by six. Meanwhile, you haven’t called your mum in weeks, and you can’t remember the last time you cooked a proper meal. Stressed? You don’t even have time to […]

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Proteins – What are they and How much do I need?

Proteins – What are they and How much do I need?

Proteins consist of amino acids and are considered to be the ‘building blocks’ for the important cellular functions of your body. There are 22 amino acids necessary for by your body to retain good health; 60% of these are made by your body (these are classified as non-essential). The other 40% are required to be […]

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Lose Weight with Walking

Has the “no pain, no gain” theory of exercise chased you back to your easy chair? Are you wondering why something that is supposed to be so good for you has to be so uncomfortable and inconvenient? Take heart! There’s an easier way: walking to lose weight. Many doctors, exercise physiologists, and other experts stress […]

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