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Suffering from Underactive Thyroid!!!

Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid) is a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn’t produce sufficent hormones.  It is very common, however most people are never aware they have this problem.  Your Thyroid gland regulates your metabolism so if you are trying to lose weight or even maintain a healthy weight your need your Thyroid tobe working with you.  At Weight Loss Therapist in Capalaba we ask our clients to complete a questionaire to establish whether they have any symtoms of a “Sluggish” thyroid.  This means we are able to suggest the foods to include in their daily menu’s and what to avoid.

Here is some tips:

DO NOT CUT CALORIES!!   The first mistake most people make when their thyroid is sluggish…they cut calories from their diet.  This is not the solution.  When you cut your calorie intake, you just slow your metabolism even more, making the problem worse, not better.

AVOID GLUTEN!   In 90% of cases Under Active thyroid is an auto-immune disease.  In some cases, autoimmune thyroiditis is a condition whereby the immune system actually attacks the thyroid gland.  There has been established a strong link between gluten intolerance and autoimmune diseases. This is due to a bizaar case of mistaken identity as the molecular structure of gliadin, the protein portion of gluten closely resembles that of the thyroid gland.  When gliadin breaches the protective barrier of the gut and enters the bloodstream, the immune system tags it for destruction.  The immune response to gluten can remain in your system for up to 6 months, so if you are gluten intolerant, it means NO gluten.  You have to remain 100% gluten-free to prevent your immune system destroying your thyroid.

AVOID Goitrogens.  Goitrogens can create difficulty for the thyroid to produce hormones.

AVOID SUGAR. Excessive sugar can destroy not only the thyroid gland but also your adrenal glands.

AVOID DAIRY: The casein in milk can harm the endocrine system.


Low glycemic foods;  Increase Lena Proteins, Eat High Fibre foods; Supplement with Zinc; Selenium; Vitamin D, Eat Foods high in Iodine, Tyrosine and anti-oxidants.

Most of all EXERCISE.  For some people all they have to do is Exercise.  This will promote thyroid function easily.  Do whatever you can manage.  Try for some exercise – walking – every day.

For more information or to obtain a Questionaire to complete:

PHONE:  1300 64 53 54


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