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Sugar and Munchies

Too often your so called healthy breakfast can be too high in sugar. Some of the more trendy breakfasts that you are told will save you time and are healthy are often far from healthy: Breakfast and Snack Bars: Often contain high amounts of dried fruit, honey and chocolate, all of which is packed with […]

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How Stress Makes you Fat

Eating when Stressed?

You know the feeling: It’s 5pm. You’re eons away from finishing a project at work, but you promised a friend you’d be at her birthday drinks by six. Meanwhile, you haven’t called your mum in weeks, and you can’t remember the last time you cooked a proper meal. Stressed? You don’t even have time to […]

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Does Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Work

Does Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Work

Weight loss issues have become a global issue that is fast becoming a major primary concern for health organisations mainly because of its effect on creating even more serious health complications.  More and more companies have taken advantage of this opportunity to profit from this ever-growing epidemic and that is evident in the many different […]

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Sugar and Weight Gain

When we eat fat protein and carbohydrates we feel full. There is no such control for fructose, you can eat as much sugar as you can get into your mouth and it will never fill you up. The more we sugar eat, the more we crave – not only sugar but other foods too. If […]

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