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Sugar and Munchies

Too often your so called healthy breakfast can be too high in sugar. Some of the more trendy breakfasts that you are told will save you time and areDrawing healthy are often far from healthy:

Breakfast and Snack Bars: Often contain high amounts of dried fruit, honey and chocolate, all of which is packed with sugar. Guaranteed to give you a short term energy lift but also a crash a few hours later. Not to mention the toxic effects of too much sugar.

Smoothies : The moment you add flavours, yoghurt and frozen fruits the sugar content goes through the roof.

Cereal: Any cereal is packed with sugar. Apart from the naturally occurring sugar in wheat, oats and maize the manufactures add sugar. Guaranteed to give you an energy crash later in the morning. They just aren’t healthy!!

If you get the munchies and are hankering for a cake or slice of pizza this could be a way of avoiding eating them. when you get the urge get a pencil and sketch your desired snack. According to research done at StBonaventure University in New York, drawing your unhealthy snack can boost your mood and help kill the cravings.

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