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10 Ways to Pep Yourself Up

We all have days when we feel flat, tired and a little demotivated. Usually when we are like this we reach for a sugar snack, have a coffee or a short break. Here are some ways to pep you up:

  1. Change your posture. Have you ever noticed that when you sit or walk with a straighter back you feel better and more confident? It’s now been shown that when you walk or sit with a slouched posture you decrease your energy decreases your energy levels.Feel alive
  2. Lack of vitamin is a sure way to feel down so why not get out into the sun, about 15 minutes, at least once a day to add that pep.
  3. Exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. There’s nothing like exercise to get the circulation moving and produce endorphins to pep you up.
  4. Eat smarter. Food high in sugar just gives you short term highs and long term lows. Go for food high in protein and low in sugar to give a slow steady release in energy.
  5. Power nap. Short naps of as little as 10 minutes have been shown to help people to be more productive and perks up the energy levels.
  6. Low iron. Low iron can lead to lowered energy levels. When you go to your doctor get him to check your iron levels.
  7. Water. Dehydration, even low levels can lead to feeling tired and irritable. Make sure that you take in water throughout the day to avoid this feeling.
  8. Make scents. The smell of lemon or peppermint has been shown to increase the blood flow to the brain. Take time out to, not smell the roses but the lemon and peppermint.
  9. Eat more fish. The omega-3 in fish improves brain function and keeps you alert.
  10. Clown around. It’s true, laughter is the best medicine. There’s nothing like a good laugh to pep you up. Laugh more be serious less.

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