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Does Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Work

Weight loss issues have become a global issue that is fast becoming a major primary concern for health organisations mainly because of its effect on creating even more serious health complications.  More and more companies have taken advantage of this opportunity to profit from this ever-growing epidemic and that is evident in the many different products, forms and methods available today.
Unfortunately, across the world, even with the education and awareness campaigns by schools and governments, obesity persists to exist.  People choose to live with lavish and busy lifestyles and this, in conjunction with unhealthy eating, constitues to serious weight issues.

If you are health conscious, you need to have a separate health program that will ensure your good health.  To have a good start, plan a balanced and healthy diet, regular exercise and take supplements to support you.  Some people even choose to add some forms of mind and body wellness such as yoga, meditation, tai chi.

There is another way that you can lose weight and it is enjoying great success worldwide – Hypnosis.  Let me share some details about this kind of weightloss method and why more and more people are trying hypnosis to help them for their over-all health.

Facts about Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a psychological state working at the subconscious awareness level.  Hypnosis is preformed through hypnotic induction, composing of initial instructions and suggestions from the hypnotherapist.  This form of procedure is said to help improve well being including emotional, mental and all other physical attributes.  There are thousands of people who have now been subjected to this kind of healing method mainly due to the growing number of people looking to experience alternative treatments.

Hypnosis is the Neuroscience that will enable you to learn how to Shed Fat (And Keep it Off)

Over the last 10 years, there has been a literal revolution in Mind Body Research. Techniques like hypnosis, meditation, and other modalities have been verified by a new technology called Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Because of this, researchers can now actually “see” these techniques working in the brain. Based on this our researchers have created a hypnotic Gastric Banding program called My Perfect Image that is based on all the latest advancements in weight loss research…

And, unlike other weight loss program available in the marketplace, over 8 out of 10 people who have completed the program were satisfied with their results.

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