Weight Loss Therapist

Be Careful in What You Say

At Weight Loss Therapist in Capalaba we often have to remind people on what they say so that they do not sabotage their goal of having their ideal Languageimage. The weight loss industry has taught us the phrase “lose weight” so when people come to us and we discuss their goals they often say that they would like to lose x number of kilos. When we say we want to lose weight it sends a very different signal to the unconscious mind. If we were to say we want to lose 10 kilos what happens is that when we “lose” the 10 kilos the unconscious perceives this as if we have lost 10 kilos. Because we have “lost” 10 kilos the unconscious mind says we had better find what we have lost.

In the pursuit of finding the lost kilos not only do we find them we also put on more weight. A very familiar story. In other words by our language and thinking we program our unconscious mind for failure or success. Change your language to I want to remove 10 kilos or I want to attain my ideal weight of x kilos.

Remember what you think and say is who you are!

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