Weight Loss Therapist

Coffee…. will it weigh you down?

Often, people will drink coffee instead of eating a full meal…..

The idea is that by filling up on coffee, they will eat less and therefore lose weight.  But is this true?



Drinking Coffee means our bodies produce cortisol.  Cortisol production promotes the release of insulin to enable glucose to move into the cells.  This creates a demand for blood sugar and suddenly we feel hungry, need to eat and stimulates “cravings for sweets” despite our best intentions.  This is even worse if we are drinking coffee when we are feeling stressed, tired or anxious.

This wouldn’t be a problem if we were inclined to react physically and start moving our bodies.  However, the reality is most of us these days are sedatory, so we are more inclined to look for a “distraction” in the way of a “screen” or “phone” than we are to move and burn off the extra fuel.   So the likely result will be gained weight.  Over time, this reaction to our body’s natural instinct of Fight or flight, will result in our becoming resistant to the effects of cortisol, making our cells unable to cope with the evelated levels of blood sugar.

And it often all just starts with a Coffee…..