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Lose it bit by bit

At weight loss therapist we constantly see people that want to lose huge amounts of weight quickly. This is often as a result of what we see on TV. At weight loss therapist we work on attaining your ideal weight bit by bit with a combination of hypnotherapy, gastric banding, mindset, nutrition and exercise. So why do we do this?Bit by bit

We all have what is called a set point for our ideal weight. This set point is a result of our genetics, lifestyle and nutrition. Of the three genetics plays the most minor part. You will see in your life that there will be times when you stay on a certain weight and if you pick up some weight you will go back to that weight. As time goes on your life style and nutrition cause that set point to increase. In most cases it is gradual and so we do not really pay attention until it is too late.

The art of losing weight is to readjust your ideal weight set point down. This cannot be done on a permanent basis suddenly. Why not I hear you say, heaps of people do it. If you look carefully at these people you will see that the majority of them will put the weight back on. This is what happens.

All the cells in your body act as your unconscious mind and are constantly working to keep you at your set points. I say points because there are set points for everything such as happiness, sadness, joy etc. You will find that in each and every day your life will be going up and down on either side of your set points. When you lose a lot of weight fast the cells in your body panic as you have deviated from your set point to far in too little a time. The cells and in effect you then try to bring your body back to your set point which results in you putting the weight back on and even increasing weight.

When you lose weight bit by bit the deviation from your set point does not create an extreme reaction from your cells and it allows your set point to change and thus you lose weight and keep it off. In summing up, to lose weight successfully and keep it off you have to do it slowly. Bit by bit.

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