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Losing Weight is a Series of Small Decision

In today’s world the term “instant gratification” is often used”. At Weight Loss Therapist we often get to see this thinking. People want to lose weight and they want to lose it now!! Encouraged by watching TV programs that depict people losing weight at an astonishing speed they want to be the same. What they do not realise is that rapid weight loss can be achieved for a while but it is not a long term solution. To achieve an ideal weight the process needs to be a steady one and one that becomes part of your life style.Decisions

The achievement of a goal is best done in small steady steps. Each step starts with a decision and that decision does not have to be a big one. Quite often the decision to lose weight is a result of a series of small decisions such as, I don’t like what I look like, I am tired of being tired or I feel unhealthy. In reality the decision to lose weight is the sum of a series of small decisions.

In life we always have a decision. If the decisions are small like deciding to eat that chocolate they do not have a noticeable effect the next day. However if that small decision is carried out every day then the effects do become noticeable over time. By being aware of your decisions and the results you can have more control of your small decisions so that they can help you to achieve the outcome that you want. Being aware is an extremely important thing when you are trying to achieve a goal. At Weight Loss Therapist we have found that a combination of hypnotherapy and coaching has been very effective to make you aware of your small daily decisions and there accumulative effects.

We will never always make the right decisions but being aware of what sort of decisions we make will certainly help you achieve your ideal weight.

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