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Love eatingLove of Eating

At one stage you probably loved or still love eating. This love affair might still be strong or you may have realised that you don’t really love it any more.

Your love of eating may be so strong that you can’t free yourself from it. People love, or think they love all kinds of people, substances or ideas that undermine or help to destroy them.

You may now hate eating or overeating but you have been so locked into the habit that it is just too hard to give up. It’s easier to continue with the old and familiar.

I’m going to make a suggestion and this is you should love overeating? What!!

Why do I suggest this?

Before I explain I’m going to ask you to bear with me and change your thinking about overeating. Instead of thinking that overeating is a habit I would like you to think of overeating as a deal.

Your deal with overeating

Eating and overeating may give you pleasure and if it is not this, it maybe that it gives you some other benefit or combination of benefits.

A big benefit you can get from eating or overeating is that it may help you to relax and handle stress. It can help you emotionally.

Overeating may seem like a friend in that it is something that is always there and can help you in good and bad times.

Some people feel that eating is a reward for when a task is finishes or it gives them time out from a situation. Time: to reassess or to break up the day.

These are genuine benefits but are the cost of these benefits really worth it?

So what do you get in return?

In exchange for giving you pleasure, a sense of identity, something to lean on when times are tough, the feeling of being able to relax or concentrate, as a treat or reward, or getting quality time: – overeating gets your money and time, some if not all of your fertility, the brightness of your eyes, the youthfulness of your skin, your sexual and general fitness and for many, your quality of life.  It gives you, without doubt, the certainty that your life will be shorter.

Is this really a fair and equal deal?

If you want this deal that you have with overeating to be fair and equal you really need to love eating and overeating like nothing else in your life. If you love overeating that much then this deal that you have with eating and overeating is worth it.

When you look at what overeating does to you in terms of health and control then the only way that overeating can be considered a fair deal is that it gives you benefits that are worth the sacrifice.  Enjoying overeating is not a fair deal; loving overeating like nothing else is a fair deal even if it means that you pay the ultimate price in the end.

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