Weight Loss Therapist

Obesity is the number one health problem

Just recently some facts and figures have come out in Australia that obesity has now become the number one health problem. It used to be Love eatingsmoking but now this has been overtaken by obesity. By 2025 85% of women and 75% of men will be obese. I don’t know about you but I find this scary. It shows that the way we eat and the foods that we eat are just not working for us.

The health service is already struggling to cope with the volume of patients so imagine how it is going to cope with the dramatic rise in weight related illness?

We are told that eating fresh food and vegetables is healthy for us. It is if they are not bought from a supermarket. Most fruit and vegetables destined for the supermarket are picked before they are ripe so that they have a shelf life. This means that they do not have a chance to develop their phytonutrients. Key to getting the right amount of vitamins. Our fruit and vegetables are often heavily fertilised with nitrogen so that they will grow quicker for a quicker turnaround time at the farm. Excess nitrogen causes the plants to retain excess water so the fruit and vegetables apart from being picked before they are ripe contain excessive water which has no benefit at all.

The lovely apples that you get in the supermarket are usually at least a year old. Apples and other fruit is put into containers that have a low temperature and are then pumped full of carbon dioxide, this in effect kills the apple and prevents it from ripening. Result no real nutrient content. The list goes on and on.

If you want to keep at a healthy weight buy your fresh fruit and vegetables from a market, exercise regularly and keep yourself mentally in shape.

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