Weight Loss Therapist

Cause and Effect

There are two states that you can be in, in life: Cause or Effect.Cause and Effect

Most people are in the Effect side of the equation. When you are in the effect side you blame all that has happened or is happening on outside circumstances, you are not to blame. For example you can blame being overweight on being depressed, bored or it’s in your makeup. People that are in the Cause side of the equation take responsibility for their actions and outcomes and take action.

When you want to lose weight or anything else for that matter you have to move to the Cause side of the equation. When you move to the cause sude the you take responsibility, you are in chargeof your life and life is not in charge of you!! Only when you shift your thinking to this can you make the process of losing weight easy. Not only do you need to take responsibility but you also have to look at yourself.

It’s easy to look at someone else and say, “they have lost more weight than me, or they have lost more weight in a quicker time.” When you look and compare yourself to others you are subordinating yourself to them. You are letting them take control instead of yourself, you are in the Effect side of the equation. Your weight loss process is unique in that it is your journey and not somebody elses.

Move into the Cause side of life and take responsibility for your life, above all when you do this take action!!

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