Weight Loss Therapist

What’s Your Image

When you decide to lose weight it is important to have very clear in your mind what you want. When you lose weight how are you going to look, Woman in mirrorwhat weight will you be, how is your health going to be etc? Write it down so that you can read it on a regular basis. To make it even clearer construct a dream board and put it where you can see it every day. When you have a clear idea of how weight loss is going to change your life it is easy to avoid all the temptations that will come your way. Life will test you and it will put temptations in your way.

Once you have got clear on what you want by losing weight then it is time to ask yourself why you want to lose weight, why you want to be the weight you have chosen, why you want to be healthier etc? This may seem a little strange but it is important to know why you want what you want. Are you worthy? Do you deserve it? By answering the why question you will know that you are worthy and deserve it.

Once you know what you want and why you want it the how will resolve itself. However you still need to do some action. The action needs not be a massive one, in fact little action steps lead to big changes. The action may be as little as making a phone call, this is a start but it is the start of giving you what you want. We all deserve to have what we want but it does take action, commitment and willingness to be open to suggestion.

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