Weight Loss Therapist

The Magic Bullet

When people come to me for virtual gastric banding at weight loss therapist in Capalaba they often think that the virtual gastric banding is a magic Mindsetbullet and they do not have to do anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. The process is part of an holistic approach that incorporates mindset, nutrition and exercise.

One of the most important parts of losing weight is mindset. To be in the right mindset you have to start with the end in mind. In other words what do you want and why do you want it. Knowing what you want and why you want it enables you to stay on track. Have you ever noticed that when you try to accomplish something in life, life will test you? When you decide to lose weight there will be all sorts of temptations. It starts small and then snowballs and the next thing you know you are putting on weight.

When you know what you want as far as losing weight, what size your clothes will be, then write it down and put a date next to it. If you do not write down what you want then it is a dream or a wish. If you do not set a date then you are not accountable and again it is a dream or wish. Write it down and then read it frequently. When you do this what you want stays in your mind and it is much easier to resist the temptations that will come your way.

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