Weight Loss Therapist

Someone might make a pass at me

flirtingA lot of people for one reason or another fear losing weight in case it makes them more attractive. Situations in the past such as rape might unconsciously cause a person to try and appear unattractive so that it doesn’t happen again. This strategy often means that the person puts on weight and dresses to look unattractive. There are many people out there that are using this strategy, however people also get tired of this and want to break the strategy. If they do what will happen? Will they be more attractive so that they will be noticed? Will someone flirt or make a pass at them?  Will my partner feel threatened by my new shape? Here are some ways to handle these situations:

  • If attention around changing your body bothers you, keep dressing in loose, draped clothes until you feel more comfortable with your new shape.
  • Remind loved ones that changing your shape or dress size doesn’t change your love for them or your commitment.
  • Enrol your partner into helping and supporting you to achieve your ideal weight.
  • Avoid flirting with people who suddenly become more attentive. If it is your change in shape that they are interested in why bother.

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