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I’ll put the weight back on

There is a lot of news out here, especially with celebrities, of people who lose weight and then put it back on. This fear often leads people to not weight loss success2attempt to lose weight as they fear the pressure and the humiliation of “not succeeding”. If they stay the same weight they will be O.K.

In reality you are taking a huge risk by staying overweight as we all know being overweight leads to some serious health issues. Despite this the fear of not losing weight and not keeping those kilos off leads people to risk the health fallout of diabetes, heart disease and the many other effects of being overweight.

Here are some tips on how to keep those kilos off once you have lost them:

Go Slow: Set realistic goals of losing around 1 to 2 kilos a month. Losing weight fast and furious is not the way to go as to do this you usually have to diet or exercise to the point where you wear yourself out.

Weigh yourself less: Weight often fluctuates due to hormones or fluid retention and when you weight yourself everyday it can be disheartening. Muscle is heavy and as we become fitter you can weigh more but we lose centimetres off of places such as your thighs and tummy which indicates successful weight loss. Clothes not fitting because they are too loose are a much better indicator of weight loss.

Keep a health diary: This will help you to recognise and address any triggers for skipping exercise or comfort eating.

Celebrate: Celebrate your success, tell people.

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