Weight Loss Therapist

I’ll Have No Excuses

Many people use their weight as an excuse to justify why something did not pan out. It can be an excuse for not facing setbacks or opting out of excusesthings that will take you of your comfort zone. By blaming your weight it can give you something to blame and use to hide behind. This emotional crutch can also be of great comfort to handle a trauma that has happened and it can be really effective, however it can also be just as effective in holding you back from achieving and destroying your health.

The prospect of losing your emotional crutch can lead to you feeling vulnerable and so you avoid changing your eating habits or exercising. Quite often when a person is overweight they feel that they are unworthy and that they are not attractive to others. In this case you avoid meeting new people, embracing new opportunities and nurturing your appearance and health. This can reinforce the feeling that your weight is responsible for everything that you don’t like in your life.

People fear that if they lose the weight it will not lead to what they want in life. They are frightened that it may not lead them to finding the right partner or happiness. They fear the failure of not losing and keeping off the weight and they fear that it may not give them what they want. When this happens they feel that there is no point in losing weight.

It’s important that when you are losing weight or looking at losing weight you look at what you want to do but more importantly why you want to lose weight. When you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and what it is going to look like and why you are losing weight a lot of this fear disappears.

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