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Weight Loss Fears

FearAre you forever trying to lose weight but everything you try does not seem to work? If this is the case there might be some underlying cause that is preventing you from reaching your ideal weight. A big underlying cause for losing weight is FEAR. Fear can be summed as:






In other words you are playing the movie of what might happen without it happening. You will find that when you confront your fears they often are not nearly as bad as imagined. Confronting fears about losing weight allows you to see what they are and move forward. Food is often used as a reward and there may be a fear that without food as a reward you can feel empty and unrewarded. Let’s face it right from an early age we are trained that food is a reward. What do we do to celebrate? We eat!


If you are experiencing this type of fear there are other things that you can do to overcome this. Research has shown that activities that challenge you require your full attention which enhances your mood and self-esteem. Activities such as writing, learning or exercise are great ways to reward yourself.


If you find that a lot of your eating is because of emotions then go and see a coach so that you can find and address the root cause of this. Hypnosis is very powerful in addressing this type of eating and we at Weight Loss Therapist specialise in this.

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