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Hypnosis for Weight Loss Lota, Cannon Hill

Do you live in the Lota or Cannon Hill area?  Are you struggling to lose weight?  Are you sick and tired of having to say no to chocolate and treats?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions then its time to take a different approach to weight loss.


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Our Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis weight loss program is unique.  Human behaviour scientists have proven the link been addictive behaviour and past stress or traumatic events.  Overeating or emotional eating is an addictive behaviour, so we have designed our weight loss hypnosis program around resolving the cause of over eating and our therapy achieves amazing results.

This is a brief overview:

There are two programs to choose from.  The Success Package includes 3 sessions approx 90 minutes in duration.  The Total Success Package includes 5 sessions.


Change Your MIND

The first 2 sessions, in both programs, are going to seem as if they are nothing to do with weight loss, however, they are all to do with the “cause” behind the overeating, the self-sabotage and the lack of will power or belief in being successful or slim, trim and feeling terrific.

These are the sessions.

Session 1 – Change your unconscious core beliefs and introduce you to the truth of who you are

Session 2 – Take out the emotional charge, Remove the pain out of the past.

Session 3 – Gastric Hypnotic Band – Start of Weight Release Program

Session 4 – Weight Release Hypnotherapy – Supporting Eating habit changes.

Session 5 –  Weight Release Hypnotherapy – Specific focus on Your Issues

Ongoing sessions (if required or desired)  Focus on specific Weight Issues

So … take the first step to a slimmer you 

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