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Stressed About Losing Weight?….

Have you ever wondered why you put on weight just looking at a piece of Chocolate cake and yet your friend could eat the whole cake and not put on an ounce? You have a glass of wine at a party and you weigh a kilo heavier in the morning? Or you meticulously weight everything […]

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Why Do I Overeat?


I make my living from helping people to reach their ideal weight at Weight Loss Therapist in Capalaba. I often wonder why people start overeating and without a doubt most people start overeating because of their programming when they were young. This weekend I attended a workshop by Dr John Demartini and he gave me […]

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Foods to Increase Your Omega-3

One of the best foods that I know to increase your omega-3 levels id salmon, preferably wild salmon. The reason I say wild salmon is that farmed salmon are often fed grains which contain high levels of omega-6. Omega-6 in high amounts is an inflammatory and can cancel out the effects of omega-3. What I […]

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Sugar. Poison As.

Most of the sugar that we consume in our diet is in the form of fructose. Fructose is found in fruit and in small amounts is quite good for you. Sugar which is made from sugar cane or sugar beet consists mainly of fructose and glucose. Glucose is metabolised by all the cells of the […]

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You Have the Power to Change

Recent studies have shown that lifestyle-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes contribute to 94% of all deaths. At Weight Loss Therapist you can discover how easy it is to be healthy, attain your perfect image and stay healthy. We have a carefully designed program which includes gastric banding and hypnosis that allows you to […]

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Exercise Statistics

The following figures were taken from the National Health Survey conducted in 2007-2008 More women than men had low exercise levels (39% and 33% respectively). Men were more likely than women to do moderate exercise (24% compared with 20%) and vigorous exercise (9% compared with 4%). 3.9 Adult exercise levels(a)(b), By sex –   2007-2008 […]

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Weight Loss Facts

Australians’ waistbands have increased over the past three decades, with recent data showing 68% of men, 55% of women and 25% of children are overweight or obese. Excess body fat is a problem for the individual. And it’s ultimately a problem for society because it overloads the national health budget. Health problems due to excess […]

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The Advantages of being Overweight

Carrying around excess weight can be bad for us, but recent research is starting to show that being a little overweight won’t actually kill us. In fact, people who are slightly overweight can experience some health benefits that their skinnier counterparts may not. It must be emphasised that this is about being a little overweight […]

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Change Your Strategy

Many people who want to lose weight have a strategy to put on and to lose weight. It’s just that the strategy to put on or maintain weight is the strategy that they are more used to. People in the Cleveland, Wynnum and Manly areas come to me for virtual gastric banding thinking that it […]

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Psychological Effects of Obesity

Being severely obese has serious psychological and social repercussions. Many people who are overweight are subject to disapproval, even lectures, from family and friends and to sneers and remarks from strangers. Such behavior is propagated by the general societal belief that obesity is caused by a lack of self-discipline or moral weakness. These attitudes carry […]

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