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Why Do I Overeat?

I make my living from helping people to reach their ideal weight at Weight Loss Therapist in Capalaba. I often wonder why people start overeating and without a doubt most people start overeating because of their programming when they were young.Why Overeat

This weekend I attended a workshop by Dr John Demartini and he gave me another insight on why people overeat; I thought I would share this.

Everything in life is in balance. There are no positives without negatives, there is no loss without gain, and there is no pleasure without pain. As well as everything being in balance we all live our lives according to our top values. According to Dr Demartini our lives demonstrate out top values and they are unique to us. Dr Demartini suggested that habits such as overeating are a direct result of us not living our lives according to our top values. We are living unfulfilled lives; we are looking for pleasure without pain.

This begs the question; what are my values? This is important as once we know what our top values are we can start living our lives according to them and our chances of attaining our ideal weight increases. You can find out what your values are by answering thirteen questions. Where do I get the questions I hear you say? If you would like to get these questions contact us as Weight Loss Therapist by phoning:

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