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People Around me will feel Threatened

Some people may feel that those around them may feel threatened when they lose weight. Will their partner feel insecure? Will my partner feel that others will become interested in me? These are valid fears.Fear

Sometimes people close to you may envy your weight loss, or fear that you will judge them for not being so slim. Your new found confidence in yourself may even threaten the old relationship that you have with them. In your life you need people that will support you, especially when you change your habits. Some ways of ensuring support from those around you are:

  • Set new boundaries: explain to others that time spent together may mean that you will not be eating but going out to something else such as a movie.
  • Ask your friends and family for support. Ask them not to keep tempting you with all of the foods that put on weight.
  • Educate your friends and family. Explain to them what you are doing and the foods that you are eating. Explain why you are eating particular foods and what your favourite new foods are.
  • Don’t obsessively talk about your weight loss and the changes that you are making. Value your friends and family for who they are and accept them for this. Don’t become a reformed weight loser.

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