Weight Loss Therapist

5 Rules to Health

Have you ever noticed that it is really easy to slip back into unhealthy eating habits? It creeps up and before you even realise it you are back to eating your old unhealthy ways. If this has happened to you here are 5 tips to bring you back to balance and healthy eating:Breakfast

  1. Make breakfast your largest meal of the day. The bigger your breakfast and the earlier you eat the better it is for your metabolism. Eat a protein rich breakfast, aiming to eat before 8 am and enough to keep you full for at least two to three hours.
  2. Avoid eating in between meals and snacks. Cut out all the high sugar snacks and stick to your eating plan. Make your snacks low in sugar, healthy snacks can include vegetables. Make the snacks small so that you don’t feel overly full, all you are trying to do is to keep your metabolism going.
  3. No alcohol. Alcohol is extremely high in sugar, the component that puts on weight. It’s also easy to get into having alcohol every day so it means that you put a large amount of sugar into your body every day. This probably negates all the other healthy food you have eaten.
  4. Small blue plate. Buy yourself a small blue plate. Blue is an appetite suppressant and when you have a small plate you don’t have to have such a big helping.
  5. Replace one meal with soup or salad. Vegetables have low sugar content. When you eat a lot of vegetables there is less room for other high sugar content foods.

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