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Feelings and Thoughts After Doing Hypnotic Gastric Banding

Well it’s been over  four weeks since I have had hypnotic gastric banding. I feel great and am amazed at how easy it has been. I am eating about half the normal amount of food that I usually eat. When I do eat I get a vision of the gastric band around my stomach and I find that it does not take much to fill me up. This feeling of fullness stays with me and I have no desire to eat. I used to keep snacking at night after dinner and I have found that I have stopped this. I have had times when I have felt like snacking but I have a glass of water and visualise what I want to look like and the feeling goes away. Now I do not even have thoughts of snacking and feel great. I have taken my belt in a notch and really feel good. It feels good to be able to say no to food and most of all to be in control of my eating.

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