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Are you struggling to control your weight? Do you compulsive overeating to make yourself ‘feel good’? Are you a few kilos heavier at the beginning of every summer?  Have you been told “it’s your hormones, so just get used to being fat!” by some well meaning friend or, worse, Doctor?  Are you sick and tired of fighting the bulge and losing every battle?

Well, if this is you, I can relate to you.  Because I have been there, and felt just as you do!  I had never had a problem with weight! if i put on a kilo or two, a bout at the gym or a couple of salad days and it was gone.  Then, something changed.  Suddenly, my weight began to balloon.  From small size 10 to 12, then 14, then horrors, size 16.  I knew what to eat and I ate well. But I stressed and worried and dieted.  The last straw for me was my Doctor telling me: “Don’t worry about it, its your age… but (the good news is) when you get to 70 you will start shrinking”. I won’t write what i thought…. but that marked the day I decided to find out the ‘why’…. that was 15 years ago and now I have finally uncovered the real reason.

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You see, when we are compulsively doing any behaviour to excess: eating, drinking, gambling, smoking etc…. there is a reason.  A subconscious or unconscious reason for the behaviour.  When clients tell me things like:  I run out of willpower;  I only eat when I am stressed;  I know how to eat healthily, but I just cant ‘stick’ to doing it;  I only eat ‘treats’ when I am tired, emotional, stressed, bored, lonely, angry, etc… I know that there is unconscious emotions that are ‘triggering’ off the eating.

It has been scientifically proven that stress, anxiety, depression are all linked to unresolved events that have happened in the past.  85% of all overweight clients I see, suffer from stress, anxiety or depression, some even have PTSD (post-traumatic-stress-disorder).

To break the cycle of yo-yo dieting requires the unresolved emotional events in the persons past to be resolved.  These events may not be major events.  But they will be events that, for whatever reason, the mind has been unable to process in to a memory and so the event is stuck in Flight, Fight, Freeze and continuously triggering off the body’s  ‘survival’ response mechanism.

Our unique weight loss therapy includes Virtual Gastric Banding, resolving past emotive events, changing unconscious core (limiting) belief’s and as a result allows you to be your ideal weight.

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