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You determine Your Limits

When we are born we all have similar expertise. So why do some of us achieve the peak of achievement yet others folks don’t? The reply Fear 2is that we establish limitations associated with what we think that we can or cannot do. These kinds of boundaries are being established from the moment we are born and they are often as a direct result of fear.
Fear can be a positive and damaging emotion. It causes the flight response in people and allows us to avoid a potential hazardous situation, but it can also paralyse us and prevent us from achieving the life we want. All of us fear at some point in life; we fear failing, we fear success; we fear what folks think about us and so forth. Usually the fear is simply in our heads and it builds up to be our future, it may build-up to such a degree that it stops you reaching what you want in your life.
F – False
E – Expectations
A – Appearing
R – Real

We play in the movie in our mind with no cast or script.

Just how can we overcome these fears? One of the best techniques is to confront them through action. Similar to the Nike motto “Just Do It”. When we do something we realise that the fears we have are nowhere near as bad as we thought that they were.

I worked having an Olympic sportsperson and she gave me a wonderful suggestion, she said  “When I feel fear I don’t let myself go down that road”.

From Weight Loss Therapist here in Capalaba we get individuals who arrive and declared they cannot lose weight because they are scared of failure. This kind of fear can allow you to no action and continue to lead a life which will certainly be shorter and suffer all the problems that are associated with being overweight. You can either let fear rule you or you can take action to overcome this fear and achieve what you want. Your choice!

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