Weight Loss Therapist

Why Do Some People Succeed?

It constantly amazes me on why some people can easily succeed at losing weight when others do not. When we do virtual gastric banding some Successpeople lose the weight with no problem at all whilst others struggle. After observing this for some time I have come to several conclusions, these are:

  • If you think that virtual gastric banding alone will help you lose weight and keep it off then you are wrong. Virtual gastric banding is more than a hypnosis session; it encompasses mindset, nutrition and exercise. Embrace all of this and you will lose weight permanently.
  • Those that succeed have a clear vision of what they and their lives will look like. They start with the end in mind and they keep that vision constantly.
  • They set dates of when they want things to happen.
  • They realise that the process involves work and are happy to do the work.
  • They are open to suggestion.
  • Probably the most important thing, they really want to lose weight.

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