Weight Loss Therapist

Balancing Your Body Composition

Exercise is the most effective way to combat visceral fat because it increases the ratio of muscle to fat.

When you exercise it is better to exercise smarter not harder. You can maximise your exercise routine by:

Cross Training: this includes exercise such as swimming, cycling, running and rowing. They increase your heart rate and burn off more fat.

Weights: weight training increases strength and muscle mass so you burn more fat even at rest.

Push harder in short bursts: high intensity interval training uses up your glycogen stores and causes your body to burn fat.

Added challenges: walk up stairs and steps, park further from your destination so you have to walk a bit more. Lengthen the time you train. Your body quickly adjusts so increase the duration or intensity of your training each week.


Avoid carbohydrates after your workout. It is better to have a protein snack so that the body can rebuild the muscles that you have broken down when training.


Get plenty of rest and avoid getting into stressful situations. When you do not have enough sleep and or are stressed the resulting adrenal hormones encourages your body to store visceral fat, especially around your abdomen.


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