Weight Loss Therapist

Snacking and Sleeping

When you finish exercising, it is natural to feel some hunger and even a little thirsty. It is essential that you address the thirst first as dehydration high protein snacksprevents your body from working well. Avoid sugary drinks, this includes diet drinks, or carbohydrate snacks. They elevate your insulin and blood glucose levels which reduce the fat burning from your exercise. Green tea is an excellent post exercise drink as the catecholamines in the green tea stimulate further fat burning. The sooner you have the tea the better. If you want to have a snack, have one high in protein and one that has some sugar. The protein is to help build up the muscle that has broken down during exercise and the sugar helps with energy levels. Remember not to have something that is high in sugar!! Getting five hours or less sleep at night and being stressed promotes fat storage. The adrenal hormones promoted by this encourages your body to store visceral fat. Ensure that you put aside time each day to relax and calm down. A daily dose of relaxing ensures that you reduce your stress levels and sleep well. Everybody is different and there are many ways to wind down after the day. Many people have a glass of alcohol to relax but this is a sugar filled drink and promotes the build up of visceral fat. Try meditation, reading, listening to music, hypnosis, exercise or any other practice that you enjoy. The take home message is to avoid sugary drinks and snacks after exercising and to practice techniques that enable you to relax and sleep.

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