Weight Loss Therapist

Mindset and Goals

All to often people want to lose weight but want someone or something to do it for them. In reality they are the person that will drive the weight loss. “If it is to be it is up to me”.
Before attempting to lose weight I believe there are two important steps to take:
1. Have the right mindset. Be in the mindset that you can lose weight easily and that you will do what it takes to lose the weight. To help with this write a list of the advantages of losing weight and an equally long list of the disadvantages of losing weight. This helps with the mindset and the emotions associated with losing weight.
2. It’s all well and good having the mindset but it is as or even more important that you have a weight goal. Having a goal helps you to focus and to have something to measure your progress against. If your goal is not written down then it is a “Dream”. Write your goal down and then put it up around your house so that you can read it at least once a day. The more you read it the more the mind is trained to focus on the end result.
To sum up: Before attempting to lose weight get into the right mindset that you can lose weight easily and write down your goal weight.

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