Weight Loss Therapist

Values and Beliefs

People often come to me with the purpose of losing weight but when it comes to following the instructions or doing the exercises they don’t. They Dreamboardwant virtual gastric banding to be the silver bullet, they want it to “fix” them magically!

The truth is that even with virtual gastric banding there are things such as exercise and eating the right foods. It is a holistic approach. When people are unable to follow the holistic approach you often find that there is a conflict between their values and beliefs. Their value is health or image but they do not believe that they can accomplish this. They will tell you that they will do anything to lose weight but unconsciously they do not believe this and this sabotages them.

Start with the end in mind. Have a clear picture of what you are going to look like and what you are going to do when you achieve the weight loss. Get a clear picture in your mind of how it is going to be. If you cannot get a clear picture in your mind then build a dream board. This is a sheet of cardboard with pictures of how you and your life will look. Cut pictures out of magazines etc.

Once you have a clear picture of the results of losing weight and achieving your ideal image link everything that you do to that picture. In other words start with the end in mind. When you link everything you do to your ideal image you will find that the conflict between your values and beliefs will disappear and it will be easy to attain your goal.

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