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We Need Fat!!

In the 1960’s a nutrition expert by the name of John Yudkin conducted a series of experiments that showed that a diet high in sugar led to high Good fatslevels of fat and insulin in the body. These are all high risks for diabetes and heart problems. This evidence and message was ignored as the thinking of the day was that cholesterol caused by too much saturated fat caused obesity. This gave rise to the low fat diet and way of living.

Today fat makes up a lower portion of our diet than it did 20 years ago and yet the cases of obesity are still growing. The main reason for this, and this is being supported by more and more experts is sugar and in particular fructose. Fructose is found naturally in fruit but too much fructose in the body leads to high levels of and insulin in the blood. Table sugar is a mixture of glucose and fructose. Fructose is the component that gives sugar the sweetness. Corn syrup is used in a lot of foods to add sweetness; this is also comprised of glucose and fructose, around about 45% of fructose soft drinks.

There are some organisations such as the American Heart Association that are warning against too much sugar in the diet but their warning is for the wrong reason. Their reason is that sugar provides calories with no nutritional benefit. Even though this is true that have missed the main reason, sugar is toxic!

Start putting more fat in your diet, in particular good fats. 70% of your brain is fat and it needs to be so for your brain to operate efficiently. Why would you starve it and other processes from the thing that it needs to operate efficiently, FAT!!

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