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I do it too!

The other day I was visiting my son and we went for coffee. As I felt it was a special occasion I ordered a slice of cake with my coffee. What appeared was a massive slice of cake with ice cream and cream. After a few bites I felt full but instead of stopping I continued until I had finished everything. This left me feeling uncomfortably full and feeling slightly sick from all the sugar. I then justified this by saying to myself that it was a special occasion and it didn’t matter.Cake
This got me thinking to all the times in the last week that I had justified eating too much food or sugar because it was something special or that I had not had a treat in ages. Much to my horror I discovered that I had done this every day of the week.
How many of us do this? How many of us justify bad eating habits because we think we need a treat, cheering up or it’s a special occasion? Why not take the time to do what I did and see how many times that you do this. I think you will be surprised.
There are two things that we can do when we catch ourselves over indulging and justifying:
1. We can eat just enough to feel satisfied and then leave the rest.
2. We can become aware of our behaviour and stop it.
As with everything in life we have a choice. What I find is that when you are aware of behaviour then it is easier to make a choice. Become more aware of what you are doing; take the time to ask yourself if what you are doing is the right choice. There are always consequences from our choices, get into the habit of making the right choices for you.

At Weight Loss Therapist in Capalaba we help people to become more aware so that they can make the right choices. we do this by offering a unique blend of coaching, hypnosis and virtual gastric banding.


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