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Be Confused and Lose Weight!

We see many people at Weight Loss Therapist in Capalaba who say that they go to the gym on a regular basis and still can’t seem to lose weight.Confused

The reason for this is twofold; first your body becomes accustomed to doing the same routines day after day, in other words you are in your comfort zone. Secondly because you are in this zone you do not challenge your body with the need to change, need or adapt.

A training technique that is becoming popular but has its roots back in the 60’s is a technique called ‘Muscle Confusion’. The basic principle is this, progressively overloading your body is a fundamental of training, but many of us think of this in terms of how much weight we lift, push or pull, or how much cardio we can do. Progressive overload without variation leads to the body becoming used to a routine and adapting, Not Transforming!

Progressive overload encompasses changing the style and type of training you do. For example if you do loads of barbell squats a progressive overload means that to encourage growth and tone you do jump squats instead. Once again you just don’t do jump squats all the time as your body will get used to it. The idea is to shock and confuse your muscles so that they get out of their complacency and grow and change.

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