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7 Essential Herbs

Herbs add extra flavour to food but they can also contribute a lot to our health and wellbeing. Herbs contain antioxidants, essential oils, flavonoids, herbssaponins, tannins, vitamins and minerals, all compounds that are beneficial to health.
• Basil – aids digestion, boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, stimulates mental and physical energy and relieves tension headaches
• Coriander – used to treat urinary tract infections, stimulates digestion, boost the libido and removes toxins from the body
• Mints – act as a decongestant, reduces fever, improves the freshness of breath and relieves tension headaches and migraine
• Parsley – moderates PMS, gentle diuretic and helps with anaemia as it is high in iron
• Oregano – helps with sinusitis, mild antiseptic, anti-inflammatory
• Rosemary – high in antioxidants, stimulates the nervous and circulatory system, improves memory and helps with heart and brain function
• Thyme – eases sore throats and catarrh and stimulates the immune system
So when you next use herbs think of them as not adding extra flavour but as compounds that can improve your health.

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